Aster Protocol Partners with M3GA Capital to Bring 5 Billion Social Network Users to Web3

We are pleased to announce the strategic partnership with M3GA Capital, a boutique venture capital firm focused on the blockchain industry. This partnership will align our goal of expanding use cases of synthetic Web3 accounts in social networks and commerce.

M3GA Capital is the early-stage investor of several outstanding Web3 Projects, such as Mirror Planet, Solv Protocol and Lifee.

Mirror Planet, an LBS gamefi project, is developed by an Australia-based famous mobile game developer and backed by the angel investor of STEPN. The game will provide players the opportunity to experience a P2E monopoly game on the real world map, with the reward mechanism of “move to earn”. The game will utilize our synthetic Web3 accounts to reach more players on social network platforms.

Solv Protocol is the pioneer of financial NFTs and is backed by Blockchain Capital, Sfermion, Binance Labs, IOSG, Apollo Capital, gumi Crypto Capital, and other prominent Crypto VCs. Aster Protocol will enhance the accessibility of DeFi & Finance NFTs and support Solv Protocol to explore more use cases in this field together.

Lifee is a Web3 crypto wallet that is developed and contributed by M3GA, Lifepay and Solv Protocol. It integrates crypto and fiat payment services. With the social identity aggregator and Web3 Shopify platform of Aster Protocol, Lifee enables the features of SocialFi and NFT commerce for its users.

David, the partner of M3GA Capital, said “Currently, Aster Protocol is an ambitious project, migrating 5 billion social network users from Web2 to Web3. We believe in the synergy that Aster will build with us and our portfolios, particularly in the massive adoption of synthetic Web3 accounts and the enhancement of accessibilities for on-chain assets. We are incubating more projects and looking forward to working closely with the Aster Protocol team to explore innovations of social networks and commerce in Web3. ”

“With M3GA Capital being our strategic investor, we are one step closer to building an open, free, and fair social multiverse ecosystem. Portfolio companies of M3GA capital are our extremely important business partners. I believe that all parties are going to benefit from taking a part in this innovative and fast-growing sector in Web3.” said Alex, the senior manager of marketing in Aster Protocol.

About Aster Protocol:

Aster Protocol builds the first social network aggregator and provides decentralized commerce infrastructure with a mission to nudge millions to innovate in social and commerce, and drive the massive adoption of tokenization for billions of users.

Inspired by pioneers such as Loot, ENS, and 1inch, Aster Protocol creates the first on-chain identity aggregation protocol in the Internet world. We provide a hub for multi-chain Web3 protocols that enable on-chain Web3 features over traditional social media platforms, bridging all Web2 social platforms and Web3 applications. Building on the identity aggregator layer bridging Web2 and Web3, Aster Protocol endeavors to solve the problems of social, commerce, and marketing.

About M3GA Capital:

M3GA Capital is dedicated to investing in early-stage projects across Web3. The investment thesis covers decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), Web3 apps, games, guilds, and protocols. M3GA is founded and backed by successful fintech entrepreneurs, trading experts, and other local family offices. The team has intensive experience in the crypto space as both investors and power users. It has invested in several projects in the Web3 area thus far, including the leading project Solv Protocol. M3GA Capital also has plans to focus on cross-border investments between the U.S. and Australia.



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